Digital Predictions For 2016

All roads point to 2016, so we thought that Digital DNA should join the industry ‘Mystic Meg’s’ in their 2016 predictions on all things DIGITAL.

But first and foremost, we have a date for your shiny new 2016 diary. We can now confirm that ourDigital DNA Conference will be taking place in St. Georges Market, Wednesday 22nd June 2016. So get planning people! This means greater space, greater speakers and greater opportunities for your business growth!

Now, back to the Mystic Ball for our 2016 predictions… 


You most likely have already read that video is essential to your content plan, however with social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram automatically playing videos, it gives video greater impact and an obvious must for 2016. Competition to get heard online is increasing every day, so give your business the best chance possible by creating a video strategy and stand out among competitors.

With Digital DNA we have noticed the benefits of video. For example in the lead up to our Tourism Conference in November we produced some promo videos, we distributed them over social media ads, paying 1p per view, perfect for spreading the word of our conference to a relevant (pretty awesome) audience.


Organic Facebook reach and engagement is deteriorating to almost extinction. Every single time you log onto Facebook, there is roughly between 1 and 1500 different updates it could serve you. Will you get through all of them? NO! Business pages have been following tactics for years to help build their follower base all perhaps soon to be irrelevant. Only the best pages will be able to hit a decent organic reach, however the vast majority will struggle. So what must you do? Firstly you must create valuable high quality content, which may not be anything new,  but if you don’t up your game, wish your Facebook following goodbye.

Some businesses are caught in limbo, ‘We sell insulation for homes, is there anything else we can do?’ Yes of course there is. Get your wallet out. So many businesses have thousands of likes but cannot hit them without paying for it. I came across this graphic on the Tomorrow Lab’s blog wrote by Andi Jarvis, it gives you an indication as to where Facebook is going…


Instagram, you know, that social media platform that lets you do so many things, like, look at pictures. Yeh that one, well something big happened with Instagram in 2015, you can now place ads. We ran a Tourism Conference in November this year, Hotels, NI attractions all flocked to Titanic Belfast to find out how to boost sales. In 2016, I think Instagram ads will be very valuable for these guys. It is the perfect platform for showing what you have to offer through the power of image.

‘French retailer L’Occitane partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner, Make Me Reach, to run a carousel ad campaign that drove a 58% higher lift in conversion rate compared to their Instagram campaigns using single-photo link ads.’

‘And the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority created their own carousel ads inspiring people to travel through vivid imagery that resonates with their target audience.’


In 2015 we watched the world fixate on ‘Mobile’. Gone are the days of searching for your wallet. The official launch of Apple Pay in the UK saw the world spend BIG by a simple touch of their mobile. More locally, we had the infamous Galgorm Resort achieve ‘Outstanding Mobile Website award’ (well done guys!) and in October, Michael O’Hara took to the Digital DNA stage and inspired us all on the power of mobile for business.

These are just a few memorable mobile moments of 2015 that sum up the fast progression of mobile, but it’s what lies ahead of us in 2016 that’s important. Getting ahead of the 2016 trend is critical. Mobile currently connects 2 billion people to the Internet and according to E-Consultancy “Businesses need to get smarter about mobile”. Yes, it is one thing to ensure that all sites are mobile friendly but, taking that a step further in 2016 and creating content specifically for mobile platforms and devices will undoubtedly place your organisation top of the ‘mobile first’ business list, particularly within Northern Ireland.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is yet another trend worth watching in 2016. Ultimately the aim of relationship marketing is primarily focused on becoming the master of customer engagement and building customer loyalty, rather than short-term consumer acquisitions and one-off sales.  By personalising your brand and creating a trusting audience, content marketing becomes easier. Digital DNAs’ Mystic Meg predicts that in 2016 brands will be focusing more on their consumer relationships and how they can convert them to life-long advocates. This has implications for competitors, as consumers will be more demanding in their expectations of other brands.


With the mobile takeover happening in 2016, this could cause a rise in voice searches and smarter tools for getting information. Android, Apple and Microsoft have already allowed us to instruct our mobiles, tablets and watches (Even though you look like a complete idiot talking to your wrist on the street). 

It is Google’s ultimate goal to build a desktop with the same functionality. But what does this mean for SEO? It means that our SEO strategy must adapt to these technologies. It may be the case that you supplement your SEO content strategy with some kind of paid media to ensure your content is recommended by the ‘talking robot’.  This is not a separate ‘strategy’, rather an integrated approach which incorporates all platforms for consumer search  engines with key search engine objectives.

And who better to ask to get ahead of this change, than the expert himself, Barry Adams at Polemic Digital. We had the pleasure of having Barry at the Digital DNA office last week, for a mind-blowing session on SEO. Despite only ‘scratching the surface’, we were amazed, shocked and perhaps frightened by the sheer power of SEO and where it was heading. To the stage whereby, we envisioned Robo Cop taking over the world- Ha! We are no expert in SEO, but, Polemic Digital have written a much more specific blog on SEO for 2016, check it out here.

NEWS FLASH, we have a date for your shiny new 2016 diary. We can now confirm that our Digital DNA Conference will be taking place in St. Georges Market, Wednesday 22nd June 2016. So get planning people! This means greater space, greater speakers and greater opportunities for your business growth!



Calum Lennon – Digital Marketing and Communications Exec @ Digital DNA

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Stephanie Geddis – Marketing and Content Specialist @ Digital DNA

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