Going Global? Go Digital!

As previous delegate and speaker at  Digital DNA, the global manufacturing giants at CDE Global are perfectly placed to know what we are about and have kindly agreed to share their digital journey with us. Located in, Cookstown, County Tyrone, CDE Global has achieved an extensive geographical reach through the power of new digital technologies.

Digital is a huge opportunity for anyone looking to expand their business whether that is across the world or in the local market

— Peter Craven, Head of Marketing, CDE Global

Having participated in the Digital Business Events, CDE Global attained the information and confidence required to take action and implement their digital strategy.  Whilst such a strategy resulted in huge success, Peter proclaimed that their digital journey has made its way through trial and error. However, it was Digital DNA that convinced CDE Global that errors were OK and an essential part of the process.

It’s only by making the errors that we’re now enjoying success from the strategy we’ve deployed

— Peter Craven, Head of Marketing, CDE Global

Operating within a very traditional industry, CDE Global in most recent years have realised the potential digital has to offer businesses with ambition for significant growth.  Despite once relying upon traditional forms of communication such as trade magazines, the birth of their website has been the “single biggest lead generation tool”, it has allowed them to develop social relationships with consumers and other key stakeholders.

CDE Global has also found great success with video production. With over 3000 hits a week on theirYouTube channel, they produce regular, short and informative videos that allow potential customers to quickly and easily see how their equipment works and begin to understand the value that it can add for their business. With such digital and social platforms proving a huge hit for this global company, Peter pre warns the businesses of Northern Ireland embracing, or seeking to embrace, the digital world that the generated content must be exciting! “Sterilised content is ‘boring’ and the key to making it interesting is having an opinion on the issues that the industry is facing”.


Stephanie Geddis – Marketing and Content Specialist @ Digital DNA

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