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For those of you who aren’t familiar with the technical giants otherwise known as, Liberty IT they are a leading IT company working on technically complex and challenging IT solutions for U.S. parent company, Liberty Mutual Insurance. Between their Headquarters in Belfast and branch in Blanchardstown, Dublin, they currently employ over 500 talented individuals across a wide variety of IT roles, and play a key part in Liberty Mutual’s wider IT operations which employs 4500 IT professionals throughout the world.

In collaboration with their global colleagues, they are continuously exploring new opportunities to enhance their innovative capability, ultimately striving to improve ease of access and service quality to their customers.

According to Liberty IT, Ireland has a number of sectors which are enjoying growth and that have a great potential to boost the economy. However, the IT sector is an area with immense potential for inward investment and economic expansion in Northern Ireland. Therefore, they claimed that it is vitally important that Northern Ireland’s young people are equipped for the challenges of the modern world. In order to assist and equip our young Liberty IT invest in continued training of teachers and provide them with the resources that they need.

In addition, school-based education plays an important role in helping engage young people from an early age in IT subjects and making them aware of the exciting opportunities available in the industry. Private and public sectors are needed to work together along with local government to ensure these requirements are delivered and that Northern Ireland has a population of young people coming through with the right skills to help drive the economy forward.

For any young person wishing to pursue a career within technology, Liberty IT yell:

“Explore IT! There are so many different aspects that there’s something to suit everyone. Find something you like and ‘work’ turns into a ‘fulfilling career’”

— Liberty IT

As sponsors of our Digital Futures Event, Liberty IT were extremely excited to be part of the event. They took this opportunity to engage with and inspire young people across the province.As the Hungarian Nobel scientist Albert Szent‐Gyorgyi once remarked,

Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.

Digital Futures’ 2015 winners heading to London in 2016

Liberty IT believe that our young people have the opportunity to come to the IT sector with fresh minds and new creative ways of thinking. They encourage all young people to harness all the IT sector has to offer and likewise encourage digital companies like themselves, to consider all the next generation has to bring to table.

For young people, something you create might only impact you at first, but it may have the potential to impact millions if you have the confidence, ability and resilience to take your idea to the next stage. For the digital sector having a pipeline of talented and innovation young people is crucial for future business success.

To find out more about Liberty IT click here

The winners of 2015 Digital Futures – heading to San Francisco in 2016


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