Live Coverage: Digital DNA Conference 2015

The power of everyday

First keynote speaker at the Digital Business conference in a packed room was Jane White, a founding member of the Twitter Sales Team. Jane talked about how to harness the ‘power of everyday’ from Twitter.

“Our mobile phone is always with us. It is our constant companion. Statistics show that users unlock their phone 150 times a day. On average we watch 1.5 billion loops of Vine, as well as forty years of watching live broadcast on periscope all on Twitter, with a massive 500 millions tweets being sent out daily.”

Don’t wait for your Superbowl opportunity. There are bigger opportunities everyday!

— Jane White

Taking advantage of everyday moments

Jane gave her top three tips for how brand can connect to their consumers through everyday

  1. Mine everyday conversations – Identify the most important conversations for your brand.
  2. Plan for evergreen content –  Develop content that will continue to be relevant to these conversations
  3. Deliver to everyday moments – Target your tweets at the right time to the right people.

Publishd: Exciting Start-up Launched at Digital DNA

Young entrepreneur Kevin McElroy introduced his exciting new social commerce platform Publishd to the audience in Titanic Building.

Their vision is to convert digital audiences into real customers. When a business is set up it is easy to publish a sales campaign. “We put the brand in the middle of everything. With just a few clicks businesses can publish their deals across all of the social and online mediums using mobile application and web apps.”

We offer 4 pricing models to accommodate all types of business sizes and needs.

— Kevin McElroy

Digital DNA Keynote: Growing a business for the future

Opal joined us today at Digital DNA to talk about her perspective on innovation and the importance of it in any business in order to succeed. She looked into the past in order to reflect on the importance on innovation.

The Future is Digital

Opal’s challenged delegates, “In order for organisations to successfully move into the future, we need to think digital.”

“We now have so much data that we can gain a deep understanding about who our customers are and what their preferences are.”

A great example of smart use of data is telematics products which collect a lot of data. Allstate were the first insurer to release a smart phone app which rewards the best drivers with rewards tailored to their preferences. So if a driver passed a certain coffee shop every morning then their reward could be a discounted or free coffee!

“Put aside the fear and embrace the future”

— Opal Perry

Stay tuned to find out more …


Stephen Mullan, Caroline Mulhern and Helen McAteer.

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