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3 hard-hitting lessons from entrepreneur

Today Eleanor McEvoy, a successful Entrepreneur from Northern Ireland, gave us a hard-hitting, straight to the point talk with many walking away learning valuable business lessons. When she was young Eleanor knew that she wanted to “get out there and make money”. She went from starting her first job in Dunnes Stores to owning her third business with a complete entrepreneurial mind set.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest

— Eleanor McEvoy

The three main lessons were:

  1. If you have a daughter, educate her to be self-sufficient
  2. Always trust your instinct – because really what is the worst thing that can happen?
  3. Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

Eleanor urges people who want to run with a business but don’t know how to, to contact her as she believes that the more self-starters we have here in Ireland, the more self sufficient we come.

What Facebook thinks about Mobile and Video

Speaking at Digital DNA, Andrew Weld-Moore , strategic sales & marketing at Facebook HQ, shared his insightful thoughts about two big subjects – mobile and video!

  1. Mobile

The power of mobile is causing a rapid consumer shift. Digital has surpassed TV as a marketing medium, and it has been 50 years in the making.

“There are now more mobile phones in the world than there are tooth brushes”

— Andrew Weld-Moore

1.4 billion people access Facebook on a mobile every month, averaging around 14 times a day and businesses are struggling how to understand and utilise these statistics. Mobile is so important because of the sheer scale and rapidity that mobile usage represents.

Fastest shift in consumer behaviour there has ever been, it took the internet 4 years so shift consumer focus whereas it took the radio 30.

The mobile revolution is not a technical one but a very human one.

— Andrew Weld-Moore

2. Video.

Took TV 20 years to reach 1 billlion viewers, it took smart phones only 5 years. Clear shift to communicating from text to image and video. 70 million people contributed to instagram everyday, took them 4 years to go from zero users to over 400 million.

25% of all content viewed online is video. The power of video encourages everyday and high profile people to engage with the internet, as they are seduced by the power of video to tell emotive stories, clear in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

“Technology is enabling people to communicate in more rich forms.”

— Andrew Weld-Moore

Big and small companies have the power to create high impact videos and it is a way to not only engage with your audience but to understand them and discover their interests.

Scheduit – transforming networking and growing economies

Malta-based academic and entrepreneur Dr Abdalla Kablan is a specialist in machine intelligence and computational Finance. In his keynote address at Digital DNA, Dr Abdalla talked about his hugely exciting business – Scheduit.

Scheduit is a business oriented social network that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to match relevant business professionals with each other.

Enabling effective networking

Scheduit helps people improve how they make business connections through a number of ways.

1. Announce your presence – by identifying and connecting with other people before you attend important business conferences or events.

2. Remove the fear – Scheduit has borrowed a leaf out of dating apps in removing the fear attached to speaking to new people by connecting you to people online before you meet them in person.

3. Meet with the right people – By using fuzzy logic, Scheduit uses your online data trail to identify people who are compatible with you and near you. This immediately increases the chance of you collaborating with the people you meet.


Stephen Mullan, Caroline Mulhern and Helen McAteer.

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