Digital DNA 2015: The Final Roundup

What you missed: ‘Genetics of Tomorrow’s Digital Team’ Workshop

In case you missed the insights from the high-calibre speakers at Digital DNA’s afternoon workshop hosted by Barry Smyth, MD of MCS Group, here’s what you missed!

Dell Curry, Head of Solutions at Analogue Republic

After working in a range of corporations like BT, Oracle and Sun Microsystems, Dell moved to America where he became a freelance web developer. He soon got his first real big break for ‘Angels and Airwaves’ which built his began to build his reputation in the music world.

“We believe working from home is a great way to go for digital businesses. No one gets stuck in traffic, they are more productive, employees can create their own office environment and we can reduce overheads for the business.”

Jerry Staple, Technical Director at Origin Digital.

Origin Digital devise and execute online events to meet clients needs and goals.

“We wanted to be known as the go to mobile marketing agency, but realised we needed to restructure the company in order to become more marketing focused but also mobile.” Their strategy – to break the company into four sectors; Client Services, Marketing ,Technical and Design. Despite the very different departments they have an effective structure, by placing the right people with the right jobs.

Time is paramount in digital businesses and to utilise it to its maximum, we use Toggle

— Jerry Staple

Gareth Dunlop, CEO of Fathom

“There are skills and logistics to making a team work. Leaders can go down the route of a ‘mini me’ team full of people like them or diversity. The quality of your team is directly linked to how successful you are and how your customers feel about you, therefore your team are your brand.”

There are two things that top business leaders have, fierce personal determination and humility

— Gareth Dunlop

Relying on money to motivate a team is a losing game. Motivations are much more real than just money, a team want Autonomy, Master and Purpose.It is a shared vision, culture and set of common values that bind a group together to become one team with a goal.

Digital DNA Keynote: STATSport – An Irish company that has gone Global

David Moley, Head of Sports Science at STATSports, was the closing speaker at this year’s Digital Business conference. STATSports is an Irish company that has gone global and have helped their clients win over 150 major trophies and counting including the Premier League and Six Nations.

“We tapped into elite sport at the ‘right time’ when there was more to sport that throwing people out on the pitch! There was a need for the technology as it could make teams perform better.”

“We are constantly keeping up with technology and competitors, with the introduction of the products such as VIPER 3. In order for teams to be the most effective they keep investing in STATSports products – so our business and our clients grow and develop together!”

A big part of the success of STATSport is the personal touch that CEO Alan brings to the business to client interaction. He has ensured that a now global business continues to be personal and passionate.

Grant Leboff’s 3 Golden Rules of Marketing

Gant Leboff is an industry mastermind when it comes to creating Sales & Marketing Strategies that will ‘stick’ by your business. As one of the UK’s leading Sales and Marketing experts, Leboff’s main focus is to address the massive changes that are taking place in a world that is constantly being introduced to new technologies and an evolving World Wide Web.

For the first time in history everyone has a channel

— Grant Leboff

3 Golden Rules of Marketing

Marketing now works differently. Leboff shared his “3 golden rules of marketing” in this new age

1.    “Marketing is no longer a means to an end. It is an end in itself.”

  • Basically marketing has to have value.
  • We can’t pay for mind share but we can definitely create it.
  • Marketing is meant to give you a seat at the table

2.    “Marketing should no longer be about product or services. It should be about people.”

  • It is a world where your best marketers aren’t you but those around your services.
  • Golden rule if you want digital marketing to work – “make your customer the hero”.

3.    “Marketing is no longer about winning customers. It is about building communities.”

  • Before your get share of wallet you need share of time
  • The importance of the mobile phone is immeasurable. On average it takes 90 seconds for a person to respond to a text message!

This is our final round up of Keynote speeches that happened at the Digital DNA mainstage. We hope you all had a very inspiring day and have gained the contacts, knowledge and skills to help your business growth.

Over and out…


Helen McAleer, Caroline Mulhern and Stephen Mullan.

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