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Kicking off the workshops at Digital Business this Thursday we have for you Mark Haslam, Managing Director of Loud Mouth Media who will be delving into some of the newest and most exciting aspects of Pay Per Click Advertising. In the past 12 months we have been witness to a dramatic change within this landscape, with Google unleashing hundreds of updates and introducing an impressive range of hyper-targeted features in response to changing user behaviours; we believe that this is something not to be missed! You will be introduced to new cost-effective strategies that will transform your business, allow you to reach and influence your target customer in new ways and generate fast, profitable results.

Recognised by Google as one of the Top Ten SEM agencies in the UK, Loud Mouth Media is a leading Pay Per Click Advertising Agency, with offices in both Belfast and Dublin. They focus exclusively on managing Digital Advertising campaigns across platforms such as AdWords, Bing and Social Media. Their primary goal is to create cost-effective campaigns that drive top quality traffic to websites – generating sales, phone calls, B2B leads or whatever their client requires.  Unlike many others, they don’t try to be a ‘jack of all trades’ – they are PPC specialists, meaning they are experts in their field and often one of the first in the industry to trial new PPC innovations.

“Our main focus as an agency is always on improving the bottom line, and making sure our clients are at the cutting edge of the latest PPC features and Google updates – and there are a lot of those!”.

— Mark Haslam, Managing Director, Loud Mouth Media

When operating in our wee market, Mark Haslam believes that our local businesses have much to gain from embracing the latest digital technologies. The fact is that digital media is more targeted, versatile and measurable than other forms of marketing.  Digital technology can help small business owners not only generate favourable results in terms of lead generation and customer acquisition – it can help them save on costs as well! NI businesses should certainly be utilising digital technology to increase their competitive advantage in bigger markets.

This is not only possible for those Ecommerce businesses selling online, Digital Advertising has become so sophisticated that it is now plays a vital role across all industries. It is possible to be incredibly specific in displaying dedicated ads to users who are actively researching and browsing the products and services you offer right now!

In the run up to the busiest, yet most profitable time of the year for our local retailers, Christmas will undoubtedly see another big increase in people doing their shopping online. If NI businesses want to continue to expand, Mark urges that to make the most of the busy buying season then being visible online is going to be of huge importance! With mobile search queries officially surpassing desktop queries in the UK this year, businesses should also be harnessing mobile technology to connect with the mobile consumer online.

Loud Mouth has been working effectively with clients such as Excel Clothingwho has utilised Google Shopping to build a highly successful online business and effectively compete with major brands such as John Lewis; and Keystone Insurance who has developed their business through digital advertising; consistently generating phone calls and exceeding targets by implementing a number high performing PPC campaigns.

Mark offers you the following valuable insights that will help your business growth:

  1. Integration: When looking at overall strategy for your business, Digital shouldn’t be seen as an ‘aside’ or a separate entity – use an integrated approach and take advantage of your findings so all mediums can complement each other. You can’t underestimate the amount of data you can accrue from a PPC campaign – you can discover amazing things like where your customers live, what they type into Google before they buy, how many times they visit your site before converting, etc. which can all help to build a stronger, unified strategy to drive business growth.
  2. Track, measure and optimise: Google Analytics is a wonderful tool which we use every day to inform digital strategy for our clients – if you want to learn more about your customers and how to grow your business then this is a great place to start. Numbers don’t lie – so delve into the data to build on things that are working well and get rid of any wastage.
  3. New features & Innovation: We have had some huge successes from companies who have simply tried something new! Every month there are a handful of new exciting AdWords products from Google, the latest being ‘Customer Match’ to get amazingly targeted with email lists on Google. There is no doubt that new products such as this will give you that competitive edge to place you ahead of the competition

I hope this provides you with a little insight into what Mark and the team at Loud Mouth Media have to offer your business but check out their workshop at Digital DNA and hear first-hand how exactly to apply the latest PPC features to benefit your business. With limited spaces available you should really book your slot now!


Stephanie Geddis – Marketing and Content Specialist @ Digital DNA

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