Going Mobile?

Barclay Communications will be on hand at Digital DNA to deliver you exclusive insight from industry experts and an innovative workshop on mobile solutions, hosted by Sharon Young, Account Manager at Barclay Communications.

Established in 1997, to say they have been successful is an understatement and they are not shy of picking up an award, or two, or three, or more for that matter…

With tremendous achievements within the mobile telecommunications’ space and recognition for their innovative workflow management software; WorkPal, Barclay Communications really are sweeping up as one of Northern Ireland’s leading providers of digital and mobile communications’ solutions.

As specialists in mobile innovation, they have been witness to businesses all across the province embracing new and exciting technologies to improve how and where they work. With the mobile revolution well under way, the speed of change is increasing exponentially. Sharon is keen to make clear that there is a huge risk that those companies that don’t fully embrace the opportunity that digital technology presents will be left behind. With growth and development coming from reducing inefficiency, increasing innovation and continuously improving your offering, digital technologies can bring enormous benefits to companies looking to be innovative in their marketplace, whilst also helping to drive cost-reduction strategies.

Mobilising your workforce brings additional competitive advantages – customer responsiveness increases, productivity improves and overheads can also be reduced. However, the success lies within finding the right technologies that suit your business and to be confident that your data and information is totally secure in a fully flexible environment.

— Sharon Young, Account Manager, Barclay Communications

With many of today’s businesses focusing on social media, it has become apparent that mobile technology is its main driver. It took 38 years for Radio to reach 50 million users, whereas it only took Facebook 1 year to reach the same milestone. Twitter and LinkedIn have introduced completely new ways of engaging with customers, networking with potential contacts and helping companies to influence the marketplace. Mobile technology has empowered the individual and has given the “customer voice” a whole new platform.

What can Mobile Innovation offer your business?

Like many of the local and traditional businesses within Northern Ireland, DB McLarnon (a client of Barclay Communications) struggled to get away from the old and traditional paper based business and embrace the world of digital technology. 

We were working with an antiquated, paper based system, which had worked well for 20 odd years, but we had outgrown it and we needed to bring ourselves into the twenty-first century

— Noel Singleton, Office Manager, DB McLarnon Fire Protection Agency


The business has been transformed with the award winning weapon – WorkPal. As an end-to-end job management system, DB McLarnon were able to integrate Workpal into their accountancy package. It has been a huge success for the local company, and has enabled them to quickly send job details to an engineer’s mobile app which has saved them both time and money! They utilise this user-friendly system on-site to complete documentation, take pictures, capture clients’ signatures and much more. Once a job is completed, all the information is automatically synced back to the office, invoices can be generated, service histories are created and recurring maintenance is automatically scheduled. Dermot McLarnon, Managing Director, DB McLarnon describes Workpal as being a “game-changer”!

According to Sharon, today’s digital world provides great opportunity for companies to deliver their business no matter where they are. With more information moving into the Cloud and with products such as Microsoft Office 365 giving access to all your documents on the move, without compromise, staff can access and share company information at any time, from any place. In addition, Sharon highlights that it’s important for companies to understand mobile data roaming charges as part of a wider communications’ strategy to drive international growth. The new All-Ireland and European tariff that Barclay Communications has just launched with O2 is of great benefit to NI customers, enabling them to use their mobile devices as if they were at home, when in the Republic of Ireland and the rest of Europe without incurring additional charges. I bet you didn’t know that!

Playing a key role within the Digital Business Event taking place at Titanic Belfast this Thursday, Barclay Communications is excited to meet and engage with you and the other companies that are ready to embrace change and harness mobile! Check out the short video below for some insight into what you might gain from Barclay Communication’s workshop at Digital DNA. With only limited spaces available it’s crucial that you book your slot now. Some say it would be utter madness not to!


Stephanie Geddis – Marketing and Content Specialist @ Digital DNA

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