Belfast’s German Bombing Survivor Goes Digital

From a Fish Market to Surviving Heavy German Bombing – A digital dawn has risen on St. Georges Market.

It is fair to say St. Georges Market has seen the ups and downs of Belfast since its construction more than a century ago in 1890. Built in red brick with sandstone dressings, external features of St. George’s include Roman pedimented arches with Latin and Irish mottos. The Latin motto, pro tanto quid retribuamus, means for so much what shall we give in return? And the Irish motto, lámh dearg na hÉireann, means Red Hand of Ireland.

This iconic building, market and gathering place has survived to tell many tales; from that of the initial market, Belfast as a global heavy weight with ship building, rope making and linen production; to the Belfast Blitz, through the ‘Troubles’ to the more recent resurgence of Belfast as a bustling technology hub.

The DNA of St. Georges Market has evolved in many ways and now it is time we add yet another ‘strand’ , Digital. The Latin motto of St. George’s, “pro tanto quid retribuamus”, means, ‘for so much what shall we give in return?’ We plan to continue our success in bringing businesses, providers and experts together to foster learning, innovation and business growth.

We, at Digital DNA, are so excited to organise and deliver the first ever conference of this kind at St. Georges Market. We are phenomenally proud to get the opportunity to bring both local and international businesses, creative thinkers, leaders and innovators through the great gates and we will do this iconic venue proud by creating an exciting and inspiring experience that encourages learning and establishes connections. This will be a conference like no other and one you will not want to miss…

What is it all about?

Digital DNA is a business and technology conference that has been held annually in Belfast since we launched from Wall Street on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in 2013.

Digital DNA will provide a forum for exploring and discovering digital innovations and practices that will help grow businesses. We also provide a proven and effective platform for networking for business and tech professionals.

Having grown in size and caliber over the previous three years Digital DNA will continue its success in evolving the programme into an international key event for the global business and technology community.

The conference will focus on these six areas:

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Calum Lennon – Digital Marketing and Communications Exec @ Digital DNA

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