Speaker Release: John Beckett, the 17-year-old Who Built the First Ryanair Website

With 10 weeks until the 2016 Digital DNA Conference we are delighted to be bringing you more on what to expect as we see many delegates taking advantage of super early bird. Our most recent speaker announcement is that of John Beckett.

John Beckett – CEO & Co-Founder of ChannelSight

Sixteen years ago the then 17-year-old John Beckett built the first Ryanair website. Think about it, the now billionaire company released its first website created by a young school kid juggling Maths & Science lessons by day and websites by night. Pretty cool right…

In 2000, Ryanair launched its website, with an online booking engine that Ryanair management believed would only be a small part of its business. How wrong they were. Within the first year of going live the website was handling three-quarters of all bookings. By 2003 flight passenger figures had grown to 21.4m, most of whom booked their tickets online. That website was built by a 17-year-old called John Beckett and school pal for the sum of £20,000.

From then John continues to inspire, as Co-Founder & CEO of ChannelSight, just last year he raised 3.3million from investors including Nauta Capital and John Flynn’s ACT Venture Capital. John is also the Owner, Managing Director of PSV Transport, Owner & Managing Director of BuyIreland.com, Director & Co-founder of Eirtight Technology. Hi success is pretty amazing.

“I’ve always been entrepreneurial and retain an interest in other businesses such as BuyIreland.com which I founded in 2003 and which has been profiled in the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Cosmopolitan among others.”

— John Beckett

Our friends at Silicon Republic interviewed John last year showing an insight into the man. John talks about where he sees himself in the future, “I have my plate full with ChannelSight and will for the future. But you know, I have a real love of start-ups and supporting and mentoring start-ups.”.


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