Armagh Planetarium Showcases Latest in Theatre Technology

Armagh Planetarium is leading the way in the digital theatre world with the installation of a brand new Digistar 5 Theatre System.

Digistar 5 features spectacular digital images and sounds that create a complete sensory experience that will spark everyone’s imagination. The 360-degree full dome experience can take audiences on a tour of the night sky as can be seen over Ireland and the viewer can even witness the raw power of the Cosmos as stars collapse and worlds collide. The amazing ‘out of this world’ images will have a lasting impact on your view of where you see yourself in the cosmic environment.

The Digistar 5 system uses the most up-to-date video projection technologies for the full-dome display in Armagh Planetarium. Digistar 5 also includes a powerful show production system which allows the creation of custom-made full-dome movies. Armagh Planetarium offers a broad range of different shows using the latest modern technology to display custom-made night sky presentations that accurately show the stars, constellations and other fascinating objects in their correct positions in the synthetic night sky. This way, you can visit during the day, and travel to the future to see the night sky that evening on the dome-shaped theatre ceiling.

Digital DNA is excited to be hosting Digital DNA @ The Planetarium where there will be

Make the trip to Armagh Planetarium which offers visitors a unique experience which is quite simply “out of this world”.  In the Planetarium’s amazing Digital Theatre you can relax and experience our planet and beyond; take a tour of the night sky, or even discover some of the myths behind the star constellations.  Each show is a memorable experience and one that you will treasure.

After all that excitement, you can then explore the exhibition areas using the interactive displays to learn more about the cosmos.  Touch the largest meteorite on display in Ireland which at an amazing 4.6 billion years old, is the oldest thing you’ll ever touch.  See our scale models of probes like the Viking Lander and Satellites such as the International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope.  You could even purchase some Astronaut Ice-cream from our gift-shop!

Pre-booking for Digital Theatre shows is essential

TEL: 028 3752 3689

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