Is Your Business A Lobster? – Opportunities in the New Digital Era

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There is an old saying that if you drop a lobster into boiling water it will scream and jump out, but if you put it in cold water and boil it, it will happily stay, as it doesn’t notice the gradual change in temperature.

This is what I believe is happening to many businesses today. The pace of change in technology and marketing is so fast that many businesses don’t even notice things changing around them!

A new digital revolution has begun and as we enter a new digital era, the opportunities (and potential threats) are immense.

Industrial Revolution Timeline (Source ResearchGate)

The Digital World Has Changed

Let’s put the last 25 years in perspective:

  • 1990 – First website built at CERN
  • 1992 – First text message is sent
  • 1998 – Google Search launched
  • 2004 – Facebook launched
  • 2007 – First iPhone released


Think about it.

That means that anyone today over the age of 45, started their working career before websites were even created! Anyone over 40 started work before Google, 35 before Facebook and over 30 before smartphones ever existed. Just like the lobster we have all entered the cold water pot and it has been slowly heating ever since.

The pace of change is relentless. How many businesses are able to keep on top of it all?


Global Digital Snapshot - WeAreSocialSource: We Are Social


But like the lobster pot it is still is still changing and heating up.

  • Almost one million people will use the internet for the first time today
  • More than 15 people start using social media for the first time every second, meaning that about 75 people will start using social media in the time it takes you to read this sentence
  • Seven people start using a mobile phone every single second, and statistically, it’s likely that six of them do so using a smartphone
  • More than 1.5 million people start using social media every day, which equates to more than 1,000 every minute, or more than 18 new users every second


Annual Growth - WeAreSocial

Source: We Are Social

So is your business a lobster? Take a step back and notice that things are heating up. Business models are changing. Distribution channels are changing. Access to new markets are changing! Don’t miss these new opportunities.



After a 20 year international career, Michael set up Zymplify to help small business succeed in this new digital age. Zymplify is an integrated Marketing Automation solution that can help small businesses streamline their marketing processes. You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

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