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Is Your Business A Lobster? – Opportunities in the New Digital Era

There is an old saying that if you drop a lobster into boiling water it will scream and jump out, but if you put it in cold water and boil it, it will happily stay, as it doesn’t notice the gradual change in temperature. This is what I believe is happening to many businesses today. The pace of change in technology and marketing is so fast that many businesses don’t even notice things changing around them!

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GDPR – The Biggest Regulatory Shake Up to the Marketing Industry since the Dawn of Time.

In an industry where the ability to effectively reach your intended audience is massively reliant upon personal data, the new GDPR is certain to have a colossal impact and to be a major cause for concern. Compounding this, the severe financial penalties associated with non adherence, mean it is imperative that organisations assess their marketing activities and bring them into line with GDPR best practice.

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Branding is More Important than ever in the Internet of Things

Imagine a world where a household only drinks and reorders (through one simple button click) one type of beer. No more competition for shelf space at the supermarket or local off-license, no-more price promotions to entice new customers… Just one beer bought over and over again through the power of that one initial message, campaign or advertisement that cut through the noise and converted.

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Starting Out as a Startup

There’s a moment when you sit down and look at a blank word document. You know this is it. You start simple, Dear [insert boss’ name], and you’re underway. If you’re slamming the door on your way out, you’re usually done in 3 minutes. If you’re sad to leave, it takes closer to 30. A coffee. A few revisions, then hit print. Take a deep breath, slowly walk over to the boss and ask if you can have 2 minutes. Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe. Then hand it over… Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step to starting your own business.

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