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3 Effective Digital PR Strategies for 2017

“Digital PR” is the combination of traditional Public Relations and SEO marketing activity. It’s a very effective way of maximising media coverage to work for your business as a lead generator, reputation builder and a technical link builder simultaneously…

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What is the Value of a Website?

1 in 5 Irish SMEs still has no online presence, yet those with a website take home an additional €24,000 in revenue every year by selling their products and services online.

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The Strength of Introverts in Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, introverts hold a particular set of skills and personality traits that, if utilised properly, will bring huge benefits to your Digital Marketing team and your business as a whole…

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Under The Influence

Riki Neill, Director of RNN Communications, asks are we all under the influence of influencer marketing these days? How does it differ from traditional marketing? And is the influencer bubble about to burst…

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Digital DNA’s New Video: The Animation Process

In terms of business benefits in Digital Marketing, the return on investment for animated videos is growing rapidly. According to Unbounce animated explainer videos on landing pages are increasing conversion rates by as much as 80%. Studies like Kissmetrics’ also regularly show high figures for consumers who feel more likely to purchase after watching a video, often as high as between 64-85%.

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Tech Nation 2017: Belfast, the Half-Billion Pound Industry

Today sees the launch of Tech Nation 2017 from Tech City UK, a report that we at Digital DNA were proud to be Community Partners for. And there are some encouraging numbers coming out of Belfast and, indeed the rest of the UK. Tech Nation 2017 shows that the UK digital tech sector is one of the country’s economic success stories, growing twice as fast as the wider economy and creating highly skilled workers and well-paid jobs.

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Opening the next chapter of Digital DNA: New Zealand calling…

As promised, 2017 is poised to be our biggest year yet and we’re not stopping with our updated brand and new website! Digital DNA is more than a destination to hear about what’s new in the world of technology and innovation. We’re a community of opinion makers who share our knowledge, ideas and stories.

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Updating Your Brand: The Creative Process Diamond

Stephanie Jemphrey is Digital DNA’s creative lead heading up everything visual, creative and colourful! In the first of a series of posts, we find out the in-depth details of the process we took to get to the Digital DNA we now know.

Steph takes us through the Creative Process Diamond, a journey of research, exploration, tough decisions and accomplishment.

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The Digital DNA 2016 Story – The Digital Landscape

What a year! It’s been an exciting journey for Digital DNA and one that isn’t over. 2016 has been our most ambitious and most successful year yet. We’ve grown exponentially across all our events and have partnered with some of the world’s leading technology companies and key influencers across fields like communications, logistics, business, innovation and business development.

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Digital DNA Tourism – The Inside Scoop: From A Local To A Tourist

Leanne Ross is one of NI’s most famous voices in the Digital space. She also happens to be packing suitcases for the big Operation Emigration move to her husband’s native New Zealand in just one week’s time after spending the last 6 months showing their 8 year old son around Northern Ireland’s tourist spots before they leave.

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Why Does the World Love Northern Ireland?

Did you know that the Northern Ireland accent has been voted sexiest in the world? Even the most accomplished actors could not get it right. It takes a little bit more than an accent to bring tourists to Northern Ireland. Attractions of the likes of Giants Causeway & Titanic Belfast have been drawing tourists for years and continue to do so. There is one surprise entry this time, Crumlin Road Gaol that is one of the top 3 attractions according to TripAdvisor.

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