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DAEL Group Selects Worldstream’s Data Center in the Netherlands

DAEL Group, an international electrotechnical and telecommunications company, has selected IaaS provider Worldstream to deliver data center services from its flagship data center in the Rotterdam/The Hague area in the Netherlands. DAEL will use Worldstream’s data center for storage and backups of security services, more specifically the storage and backup of thousands of AI-based smart camera surveillance solutions throughout the Netherlands.

DAEL counts more than 300 employees working in several divisions from various country offices in Europe. DAEL’s newest division is named DAEL Connectivity and delivers custom made connectivity solutions. As part of the DAEL Group it can offer a complete, scalable and integrated portfolio of services which includes high speed point-to-point connections, private LTE, mesh networks as well as all different kind of streaming solutions used for sport-broadcasting and events.

At Worldstream’s data center location in the Netherlands, in Naaldwijk, DAEL Connectivity installed satellite dishes in a 60-meter high mast, while a dedicated point-to-point 10 Gigabit radio link connects the facility with DAEL’s headquarters in the same ‘Westland’ region in the Netherlands, at about 6KM distance. Through this ultra-low latency radio transmission, DAEL is now able to safely store video data of its AI-based smart camera surveillance service as well as various types of other data for its clients and significantly expand the company’s backup capabilities. The company intends to gradually move an increasing volume of data storage to its server racks in the Worldstream data center.

AI-based Smart Camera Surveillance

For thousands of camera surveillance solutions located throughout the Netherlands, DAEL Connectivity provides end-to-end (wireless) AI-based smart camera surveillance. Until now, DAEL has stored all smart camera surveillance data including backups in its in-house operated server room. To further enhance data security while adding scalability for camera surveillance management and data storage, DAEL Connectivity has selected Worldstream’s flagship data center in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands and established a 10 Gigabit radio link which connects the data center through a point-to-point telecommunications connection with DAEL’s headquarters.

“It’s great to have this enterprise-class data center of Worldstream nearby, at a distance of just 6 kilometers, but we could have selected data centers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Delft as well if the other data center services propositions would have been better,” said Jeroen van Leeuwen, Managing Director of DAEL Group. “Worldstream provides us with a highly customized solution through which we can flexibly meet the managed hosted camera surveillance requirements of our clients. We are currently connecting new smart camera surveillance solutions across the Netherlands at a speed of hundreds of camera surveillance solutions per year. The Worldstream flagship data center and their strategic plans to add new high-capacity facilities definitely add to our further growth. It safeguards our ability to safely store high volumes of data for our expanding operations.”

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