Digital DNA Teams up with social enterprise MadLug to provide VIP Access

Earlier this year the team at Digital DNA made the tough decision to move our major tech conference online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And it seems the uncertainty still remains for the rest of the year. However we still wanted to remain positive and celebrate the new opportunities we are provided with everyday through tech on a local and global scale. 

Digital DNA 2020

Digital DNA is bringing the biggest and most energetic technology event in NI to you as a unique 2 day online experience this November. We’ll be connecting the industry like no other event, attracting some of the world’s leading tech companies and organisation from all corners of the tech Industry. 

This will be an online event like no other, during the two days you can expect to hear from over 60 of the world’s top tech leaders on the main stage to learn more about what faces the future of the tech industry. Thought-provoking panel discussions and keynotes ranging from topics such as the future of work, eCommerce, Startups and more. Along with live interactive sessions and workshops and private invite-only roundtable discussions. 

Digital DNA is very much about pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and this year for the the first time ever as a part of our VIP Access pass ,we have teamed up with Madlug. 

The Madlug Story. 

Madlug was founded in 2015 by Dave Linton. A man whose only experience in the luggage industry was bags of enthusiasm. As a youth worker, Dave was heartbroken to learn that most children in care transport their worldly belongings in a bin bag. In that moment, he set out to do something about it. With just £480, he started Madlug (‘make a difference luggage’) and came up with our ‘Buy one Give one’ approach: with every bag you purchase, one will be given to a child in care.

This is something that we feel very passionately about, in times of such uncertainty we wanted to support people not only in the tech industry but also people from all corners of the world. And we are delighted to team up with such an excellent company that makes such a huge difference. 

The Reality

There are over 90,000 children in care in the UK and Ireland. 40,000 children enter the care system every year. One child enters the UK care system every 15 minutes. What’s more, over half are victims of neglect or abuse. Because children in care aren’t given a voice, the public don’t know about the problems they face every day. Which is why it’s so important that their story is heard.

How We Help

The cost of every bag in our shop covers: a free bag for a child in care and the item you choose. We worked with Care experienced young people and Health Trusts / Local Authorities to develop a giving bag that is centred around the needs of children in care.

The bag itself is unbranded to avoid stigma. It folds away to fit neatly into a sock drawer or a Social Worker’s car boot without wasting storage space. And each bag has a label that says “You are incredible” to remind every child that they have value, worth and dignity.

So far, Madlug has given over 20,000+ Bags into the care system all across the UK and Ireland. This is all thanks to our amazing customers who purchase Madlug as their bag brand. Your purchases are making a huge difference in giving back dignity to children in care. When you purchase a Madlug bag, not only are you getting a quality product but your bag also acts as a non-verbal communicator to every child in care that you believe in them and care about them.

Find out More

To get your VIP Access Pass visit –  https://www.digitaldna.org.uk/digitaldna-2020/

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