Expleo to create 100 new jobs in Belfast

Rob McConnell and Scott Armstrong, Expleo directors 

Expleo has announced it will double its Belfast workforce to 200 by 2023.

Expleo is an engineering, software and consultancy company with around 15,000 employees worldwide.


The technology partner for innovative organisations says the plans to double its workforce is due to a 125% increase in its revenue in the region between year-end 2017 and year-end 2020. 


The company will be recruiting for roles in AI, Robotics, Quality Engineering, Project Management and Business Agility Expleo offers a range of services with tailored solutions delivering quality-driven innovation for public and private sector clients both local to and outside of Northern Ireland.


The company’s portfolio of solutions extends to project management, business analysis, digital transformation, software quality assurance and development, including full stack and low-code services.


Last year, Expleo played a leading role in the rollout of the StopCOVID NI contact tracing app, designed for interoperability with the COVID Tracker app deployed in the Republic of Ireland. The firm carried out extensive quality testing on the app, the world’s first cross-border tracker device aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19.


Expleo’s expert quality assurance specialists dedicated more than 1,000 hours to testing the app in Northern Ireland.


Rob McConnell, Director, Expleo Group said: “As the digital transformation agenda takes precedence at boardroom level, Expleo’s protracted phase of development in Northern Ireland looks set to accelerate.


“This period of growth has been powered by an energised, motivated and dedicated work force. Having earned our status as a Great Place to Work,


“Expleo takes a holistic approach to managing employee engagement and wellbeing, leaving no stone unturned to uphold a culture of creativity and care.


“With a rich pool of talent to draw from in Northern Ireland, we look forward to scaling our team and broadening our services portfolio to accommodate the evolving needs of local and international clients. As ever, the confluence of people and technological prowess will be the driving force behind our next chapter of success.


“As both public and private sector leaders seek to harness innovative solutions, they need like-minded partners that have the technical acumen and repertoire of tools and skills to facilitate fast-tracked digital transformation. At Expleo, we are proud to be this trusted delivery partner.

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