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Why E-commerce and Email Marketing are still a match made in heaven


Andrew McParland, Ecommerce Specialist at Flint Studios, explains why ecommerce and Email Marketing still go hand in hand

Globally, there are approximately 1 million new active mobile social media users every day taking the total number of global mobile social media users to more than 2.56 billion!


When it comes to social media for business, social media users are most likely to follow your brand account on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to avail of promotions and discounts; get all the latest product information; for customer service; to offer feedback; or for entertaining content.


With all the buzz around social media, businesses can often forget about email marketing, despite it being one of the most powerful and personal ways to contact customers. In fact, research by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that an incredible 72% of people would rather receive promotional material via email than social media.In many cases people who visit your website may never visit it again, unless you give them a reason to come back. Incentives such as discount codes or exclusive product launches or information distributed via email can help to drive repeat traffic back to your website.


Email is King


Email allows brands to take their products directly to the inbox of their customers.


This makes it much more effective at driving traffic and sales than social media platforms which can be noisy and your message can get lost should your audience not be online when an update is posted.Through email you can cost effectively deliver relevant content to your target audience. This is therefore much more targeted and indeed trackable than many forms of traditional mainstream advertising.


Timely email communication with information about the company allows customers to build a relationship with the brand, and most importantly encourages them to trust the brand. Whether online or offline, consumers are more likely to buy from websites and brands that they trust and have a relationship with.


The make or break database


Ecommerce businesses have the edge because of the information they have about their customers, such as their email address, their purchases, returns, repeat purchases, and most importantly an insight into their interests. Tapping into these preferences allow brands to filter their database to create highly targeted and personalised email content. Looking after your database can therefore make or break your email campaigns and could even have an effect on your overall email strategy if mishandled.

To further enhance the personal service and added value you can offer customers, brands should consider special birthday offers; a discount reward for loyal customers; or a voucher code for reoccurring repeat purchases.




The reach of a direct email campaign can be much broader than an organic social media post. An engaging subject line immediately attracts the attention of the consumer and will encourage a higher open rate. If the aim is to re-engage with customers who have not purchased anything from your website in a while, an exclusive ‘we miss you’ email with a discount code can be very effective.


Abandoned baskets


With ever increasing amounts of online shopping being completed on mobile devices whilst the consumer is likely to be on the go, virtual shopping baskets can be abandoned. The user will most likely intend to revisit the site and complete the purchase but may be struggling to get round to it.

These golden nuggets of information allow brands to directly target the customer with an email to remind them what’s in their shopping basket, or better still, provide a discount code for that specific item to encourage prompt completion of the sale.

Remember people can opt in and out of their relationship with your brand via email as they please, so it is within a brand’s best interests to keep them engaged and ensure content is relevant and as personal as possible. Whilst email marketing may, for now, be more effective in achieving ecommerce conversions, social media can help educate and engage your audience with your brand. The two can work together extremely well with a proper strategy in place.


At Flint Studios, we not only develop ecommerce websites but help advise customers on email and social media marketing techniques that can bolster the overall effectiveness of the website, in turn increasing online sales.


For more advice or help on how we could help your business, contact us on 028 9045 5554 or email lea@flintstudios.co.uk Our specialists will be happy to discuss your business needs and arrange a meeting.


Further information about Flint Studios and its services can be found at: www.flintstudios.co.uk

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