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28 APRIL 2021

The future of insurtech

Online Event

Welcome to the Future of InsurTech

The Future of InsurTech will feature leaders and companies from the world of technology, fintech and insurance. We will explore how the InsurTech industry is evolving and innovating to adapt to the changing world around us. Topics will include the impact of connected devices and our health, the future of the automotive industry and the big data and privacy challenges facing us all.

Advancements in technology and computing power have transformed many traditional industries. Like banking and financial services, the insurance industry is being disrupted by traditional companies and startups alike. Billions of investment dollars are now flowing into the sector and consumers are now able to access new and more efficient products.


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Event Speakers

Our speakers come from all corners of the Insurtech sector. From technologists and futurists, underwriters and consumer facing providers.

Jill Robb

Chief Marketing Officer

Origin Digital

Keith Farley

Managing Director & VP

Aflac Northern Ireland

Mel Morrison



Ed Axon

SVP Business Development


Noreen Pfadenhauer

Vice President, Marketing


Amit Patel



Jonathan Roomer



Jacqueline Silva

Senior Strategist

Caliber Corporate Advisors

Brian McDowell

CEO & President


Sally Powell

Managing Director

PAI Health

David McKnight

Regional Director

Applied Systems

Toby McMurray



Nicola Neeson

Senior Marketing Manager


Colin Millar

Data Scientist

Simply IOA

David Chapman

European Sales Director

Applied Systems

Chris Busby

Head of Permanent IT

MCS Group

Rachelle Reid

BI Security Officer

Allstate NI

Dr Jonathan Sinclair

VP Engineering


John Woods

VP - Enterprise Systems

Insurance Office of America

Paul Worthington

VP Data & Marketing


Frank Speight

Commercial Director


Oliver Baxter

Head of Product

By Miles

Stephen Brittain


Insurtech Gateway

Alastair Cameron



Paul Worthington

VP Data & Marketing


Event Schedule

Talk 1

Build or Blend - How Consumer demand is driving innovation

Are customers demanding better experiences when engaging with insurers and how InsurTech is increasing consumer loyalty.

11:05am - 11.40am

Main Stage

Talk 2

Healthtech and Insurtech - the next inflection point?

Will these two industries converge and should society be concerned about tracking real-time health data.

11.40am - 12.20pm

Main Stage

12:25pm - 12:55pm

Main Stage

Open Networking

Break & Networking

12:55pm - 1:30pm

Networking Area & Expo

Talk 4

The Digital Future: Necessity Breeds Innovation

Applied Systems Ireland's Regional Director, David McKnight, takes us through his thoughts on the future for InsurTech, and how necessity breeds innovation.

1:30pm - 2:00pm

Main Stage

Talk 5

Why InsurTech companies need to take privacy seriously

With a global priority on date integrity and consumer data security, what measures are Insurtech companies taking to protect their customers.

2:00pm - 2:45pm

Main Stage

Open Networking

Break & Networking

2:45pm - 3:00pm

Networking Area & Expo

Talk 6

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the world of digital insurance

Insurance companies struggle with delivering customer satisfaction. In a low-touch industry where consumers shop for insurance, hear how SimplyIOA uses digital marketing, technology, and data analytics to achieve brand loyalty.

3:00pm - 3:40pm

Main Stage

Talk 7

The Future "Normal" for Insurance Distribution

An in-depth conversation with Trov's SVP Business Development, Ed Axon, as they look to how the future for insurance distribution will take shape.

3:40pm - 4:15pm

Main Stage

Open Networking

Break & Networking

4:15pm - 4:20pm

Networking Area & Expo

Talk 8

The Future of InsurTech - Where are we going?

What does the future look like for the industry? Do regulations need to change? Will consumers benefit from the disruption?

4:20pm - 5:00pm

Main Stage

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