Has Covid-19 Just Turned Our Productivity Up A Notch?


Coronavirus – the dreaded ‘C’ word that has affected us in many ways and will shape our lives of the foreseeable future.  It can’t all be bad news though, can it?  As human beings we can adapt to a changing life pretty quickly and new habits and ways of doing things are adopted and retained, especially if there are clear benefits to changing how we work.


The bane of a lot of lives and the enabler of great productivity!  Making sure that your IT – software, systems and hardware is supporting your business now and into the future is key.  With many of us being forced to WFH, the ability to remotely log on from anywhere has enabled many companies to continue operating efficiently during the pandemic.  Initial reports are suggesting that around 30% of people who didn’t work from home previously are now saying that they’d like to work between 2-3 days a week from home so a strong IT structure and process will be key to enabling this to continue.

Measure By Outputs

This is a drum that we have been banging for a long time – and it is the key to maximising the productivity of our teams both now and in the future.  Many of us may have struggled to grasp hold of the concept – but it has been incredible to see how many companies have made this work in a such a short timescale.  Suddenly we have had to put in place procedures to ensure that tasks are allocated and reported back on within specific timescales, and guess what – the work is getting done!  Empowering staff by setting timebound tasks and allowing them to work out how to fit it into their schedule has become second nature and this has to continue into the future to maximise productivity.

Virtual Meetings

These have become commonplace now, technology is so supportive of this way of working that we need to keep this up to

1. Maintain Social Distancing & 2. Make us more productive – less time spent travelling to and from appointments along with recent studies suggesting that both Employers and Employees prefer this type of meeting due to it staying on track and keeping to set times and 3. Reducing transport and other associated costs.

In every cloud there is a silver lining.  Covid-19 has brought many hardships and harsh lessons to all of us – however if we look at the positives, we can hopefully see the many benefits that this crisis has brought – driving innovation, making us embrace the technology that has been so readily available and showing us how we can reduce costs in our businesses going forward.

Source: Calibro Workspace

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