How imagery can take your ecommerce website from zero to hero

Andrew McParland, Ecommerce Specialist at Flint Studios, explains why imagery may hold the key to increasing online sales

A picture paints a thousand words and despite this saying being centuries old, it couldn’t be more true when it comes to selling online. As a web solutions provider which specialises in ecommerce, we are frequently asked ‘what can I do to sell more products online’?


Whilst there is no one-size-fits-all answer, one recurring piece of advice we find ourselves sharing with clients is to make sure professional, high quality and relevant imagery is used. Poor imagery, or none at all, is the fastest way to kill an online sale. Good imagery, however, is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to selling more online. Conversions have been known to more than double through improved imagery.


Here are some of our top tips to making sure imagery supports your online sales strategy rather than hindering your efforts.


  • Quality is key


If your products are high quality, don’t let yourself down by uploading poor quality or blurry accompanying images.

Your website may well be the first impression a buyer has of your company and the imagery should therefore quickly show the user what you are selling. The quality of this imagery will influence the buyer’s perception of the quality of your stock. If imagery is poor, this can not only kill the sale quickly, but can also hurt the credibility of your company.


  • Fill in the blanks


Customers often abandon an online sale due to lack of product information making it crucial that accompanying text is provided to answer potential customer queries that the picture alone cannot. For example, information regarding product dimensions or materials.


  • Make it shareable


Making your product images shareable allows your customers to spread the word and promote your company and products amongst their own online circles. Online shoppers don’t want to wait, they want the information relating to the products immediately, so ensuring your images are quick to download, particularly on mobile devices, is essential and assists with share-ability.


  • Don’t underestimate the power of variety


Providing a number of images for each product will allow the customer to generate a full a picture as possible of the product without seeing it in person. You should include alternative angles and close ups, and zoom or rotation functionality can offer an added bonus for customers to see more of the product.

Remember to keep it relevant and ensure products are photographed in their intended surroundings. Consistency across your imagery can assist in promoting a positive image and perception of a brand that customers will want to buy from. Online imagery gives users confidence in a company and the products they are selling. That confidence will ultimately convince a customer whether or not to complete the sale.

The importance of investing in professional photography cannot be underestimated for companies that sell online. Nor can seeking professional advice in relation to the design and user experience of an ecommerce at website.


At Flint Studios we deliver bespoke web solutions and digital marketing campaigns that, time and time again, achieve results and exceed the expectations of our clients.
To find out how you can maximise your online sales, get in touch with the team today by calling 028 9045 5554.
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