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How to convince your boss you need to attend Digital DNA

Social media has been buzzing. Your friends from other firms are going.


“Last year was great!”

“The speaker lineup is seriously top notch.”

“If it’s anything like the Awards night, it’ll be another one to remember.”


You know you want to be there. You know you should be there.


So now there’s the task of convincing your boss to let you out of the office to attend Digital DNA 2021. Admittedly, convincing the boss that attending an event is worthwhile is always the biggest challenge. They can be a great way to keep up to date with all the latest news and trends within your industry. But for some people, the thought of asking the boss to pick up the bill and approve some time away from the office is a bit too much.

You’re in the right place, we’ve got you covered 

With a little bit of help, convincing your boss to attend Digital DNA 2021 doesn’t have to be as hard as what you think, we’ve put together 5 Tips to help you get the best experience by attending the event. 

1. First off, do your research


You have to understand what your boss will want to get out of the investment that they are making. Start by understanding your company’s short/medium term goals and look to see how attending will help you contribute to reaching these goals.


Are there specific projects you are involved in that, by attending Digital DNA 2021, you will be able to bring fresh ideas to?


Also look at your own personal development plan. Attending events where industry leaders are speaking can sometimes be more cost effective than expensive training courses.


2. Have a plan


Put together an agenda of the talks and studio sessions you want to attend and how they will benefit your personal growth.


Demonstrate how attending will help you make a positive contribution to your company’s ongoing projects and business goals. Many of the speakers at this year’s Digital DNA are experts in their fields and will provide you with actionable takeaways you can put into action as soon as you are back at your desk.



3. Post-event review


Your attendance at Digital DNA is an investment for your boss – both financially and in your time – so it’s important that you demonstrate value to your company.


Not all of your colleagues will be able to attend, so offer to share your newfound knowledge with them by compiling a roundup report.


Aim to capture a few key points or big ideas from each speaker so you can easily develop a one-pagers on the conference.


4. Invite them along


It may not immediately fill you with joy, but with 100+ speakers, 100+ exhibitors, 3000+ delegates, there’ll be plenty to keep both you and your boss busy over the two-day conference.


Your enthusiasm and excitement for the event should have rubbed off on them and they too can’t wait for Digital DNA.


5. Book a Team Pass


Do you think some of your colleagues will also benefit from attending Digital DNA? This year we have an exclusive offer with a saving over £50 when you book 4 passes so why not bring your team and enjoy the vibrancy at Digital DNA 2021 early. 


*We only have a limited amount of team passes, so when they are gone, they are gone!

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