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Local Cloud company sees double sales growth in 2021

Holywood-based cloud technology company 3EN has seen its sales increase by almost 60% in the first six months of 2021 as it works with clients around the world to implement cloud services to help them streamline their processes. 


3EN, which has offices in Holywood, London and Bonn and operations in the US, reported a turnover of over £1.5m in 2020 and is set to eclipse that figure this year thanks to another huge growth in its client base. Significant wins for 3EN this year include FURTHER.SPACE, Charlotte Tilbury, Buitelaar, and Optoma Europe. 


To meet the growing demand for its services, 3EN has added 12 new staff to its global headcount in the last six months, taking its total workforce to 44. The company is currently recruiting across project management, software engineering and ERP consultancy roles, with jobs available in their software development and professional services teams. More information on the roles is available at https://3en.group/careers.


To help grow its workforce locally and globally, 3EN recently announced a new partnership with the Home Office.


The partnership, which allows 3EN to sponsor new employees from outside the UK, has helped the company to attract new staff to Northern Ireland from countries including Singapore and India.


Speaking on the strong sales growth, 3EN CEO Dale Cree said: 


“It’s been a great start to the year for us and we’re excited to welcome our new staff and clients to 3EN. The growth of our company is a huge testament to the 3EN team, who have gone above and beyond over the last 18 months to help push us in a positive direction. When the pandemic struck, they adapted seamlessly to mass remote working, despite challenging conditions for many of them. Our performance in that time is down to them and their efforts have positioned the company well for continued growth throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond.”  


3EN is one of the world’s leading Oracle NetSuite Enterprise Resource Management Solutions Partners, with operations across Europe and a growing number of clients in the US. 3EN’s cloud technology helps businesses to drive growth through improving efficiency with seamless integration between Oracle NetSuite and other software platforms. 3EN’s clients include Fitbit, Medguard and B-Secur. 


To find out more about the services and products 3EN can offer visit www.3en.group 

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