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Founders rarely have access to unbiased and honest investment advice. To help, Tech Nation is offering one-to-one virtual consultations aimed at helping digital tech founders succeed in raising investment. Because Tech Nation is backed by the Treasury, the service is available free of charge.


Gary Davidson, Investment Lead for Entrepreneur Engagement at Tech Nation, is providing the support.  “There aren’t many organisations that have no skin in the game that can offer completely free investment advice,” says Gary. “Think of me as a not-for-profit connector of dots who can give tech founders refreshingly honest and blunt advice on making their next steps.”


Gary can help tech founders based anywhere in the UK by looking at pitch decks, reviewing projects and being a sounding board for the investment journey – from deciding when to raise pre-seed money all the way up to Series A. He can also connect founders with VC investment funds in the UK and US when the time is right and help them use Data Commons, Tech Nation’s database for founders, investors and policymakers.


Gary developed a passion for helping tech founders access venture capital while undertaking his main role as Tech Nation’s Entrepreneur Engagement Manager for Northern Ireland, which he has held since 2019.


“Northern Ireland has a very early-stage ecosystem where capital is readily available for startups, but at later growth stages it is not,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to do something about that in terms of helping tech founders across the country get access to more funds in the UK and US.”


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