Measuring the effectiveness of your SEO

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Lea Glover, Digital Marketing Manager, from Flint Studios explains that while tracking search engine results is important, it isn’t always the most reliable method to measure success

Effectiveness cannot be measured without first outlining what one hopes to achieve. Therefore, in order to measure the success of search engine optimisation (SEO) activity, you must have a clear idea of the end goals of the campaign.

At Flint Studios, when meeting with clients and asking what they wish to achieve online, more often than not the answer will focus on their desire to rank in the first position on Google. When the topic is discussed further, what generally comes to light is that they simply want more organic traffic that will result in online sales, enquiries or lead generation. This, therefore, is the desired outcome of any online activity, and the desire to rank well in search engines (i.e. achieve an enhanced presence online) is how they want to accomplish this.

Once these goals have been identified the next question to consider is ‘what metrics can I monitor to measure success’?

The below are just some of the key performance indicators we recommend incorporating into your SEO evaluation.

1. Higher Rankings

Keep track of your rankings. Is your website ranking for the keywords you want to rank for? If not, these keywords need to become the focus of your SEO campaign. By tracking keywords on a monthly basis, you will be able to monitor your SEO performance.

Identifying keywords that send quality traffic to your website is another important consideration. It is likely that your top-ranking keywords are delivering the most search traffic so make sure the associated landing pages remain up to date and relevant to the keyword to minimise bounce rate.

If several of your landing pages have a high bounce rate for organic traffic (i.e. users exiting your website after viewing just one page), this could signal that the on page content does not match the keywords typed into the search engine. Should this be the case, an audit of your target keywords and all on page content is recommended.

2. More Traffic

Looking at this data via tools such as Google Analytics can help identify the top landing pages for search traffic, the keywords delivering the most traffic, and which search engines are directing the most traffic.

Organic traffic – visitors that come to your website using search engines – can be a good indication of how well your SEO efforts are paying off so if overall traffic to your website is down, take a closer look to determine if the decline is in organic traffic or not.

Organic conversions should also be considered and should conversions from search decline with no change to overall search traffic, it is likely this traffic coming from search is not of a high quality.

3. More Conversions

Few metrics hold the same weight as conversions when it comes to measuring success. Regardless of whether it is a conversion for sales, lead generation or time spent on site, all conversions can affect the bottom line of your business and can therefore provide real measurable value.

Ideally, companies should see organic conversion rates increase slightly month on month, or at the very least remain stable. Should organic visitors repeatedly fail to convert, this could suggest complications with the SEO strategy.

If that’s the case you should analyse the conversions by search terms and landing pages as your website could be ranking for the wrong keywords or your landing pages may not be optimised to facilitate and encourage conversions.

It was once said, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”, which couldn’t be more true when it comes to SEO. With hundreds of algorithm changes implemented each year, this is an industry that doesn’t stand still, making ongoing evaluation and measurement critical to SEO success.


At Flint Studios, we not only develop ecommerce websites but help advise clients on digital marketing activity that can bolster the overall effectiveness of the website to increase online sales and lead generation.

For more advice or help on how we could help your business, contact us on 028 9045 5554 or email Our specialists will be happy to discuss your business needs and arrange a meeting.

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