Networking with Nespresso Professional at Digital DNA 2018


Nespresso Professional is delighted to announce that it is the official coffee partner of Digital DNA 2018, the much anticipated business and technology event being held in the iconic St. George’s Market, Belfast on the 19th and 20th of June 2018. This is the second year of the sponsorship and will see Nespresso offer event attendees a dedicated space to enjoy a quality Nespresso coffee as they network with new contacts at this key industry event.

Over 3,000 attendees are expected to visit Digital DNA which will feature expert guest speakers from renowned international digital organisations. The event is expected to generate approximately £5 million in revenue for the local economy and through business deals activated over the two-day event. The Nespresso Coffee Hub will facilitate the event’s networking, business discussions and relaxing coffee breaks, in a comfortable setting.

Event attendees will be able to explore the range of Nespresso Professional coffee machines and taste the eleven quality Nespresso coffees during their time at the Nespresso Coffee Hub. In addition, the Nespresso Professional salesteam will be on hand to answer any queries from attendees about installation of the Nespresso coffee system into their own offices spaces.

Gordon Thompson, Commercial Manager Nespresso Professional, said, “Networking is a key business driver at an event like this and Nespresso has created a hub to facilitate those new conversations, idea generation and networking over quality Nespresso coffee. Being able to enjoy a great cup of coffee with a new contact makes for an easy conversation icebreaker, which can lead to important business discussions and decisions.

It’s for that very reason that successful companies that innovate and value their employees see the benefit of offering their teams a quality coffee. We want to demonstrate at Digital DNA the benefits choosing Nespresso Professional as the workplace coffee of choice.”

The Nespresso Professional system has a range of solutions to suit all office coffee requirements from convenient purchasing and payment options for staff to self-service options. With a selection of eleven quality, sustainably produced coffees offering a variety of intensity and aromas, there is a coffee to suit every taste.

Innovation is at the heart of the Nespresso brand as demonstrated by the technologically advanced Aguila coffee machine which has been developed to a professional barista tradition featuring state of the art technology, including the ability to create a range of coffee recipes, with built in pre-set functions. The Aguila is one of a range of Nespresso Professional machines, designed to cater for every coffee service requirement, which are easy to use meaning everyone in the office can make and enjoy a delicious cup of quality coffee at any time.

Digital DNA’s Commercial Director Simon Bailie said: “We are delighted to have Nespresso Professional collaborate with Digital DNA once again this year. It is a symbiotic collaboration with Nespresso providing a central hub for conversations and meetings for the attendees at Digital DNA.”

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