Speaker Release: The Tableau of Digital Technology

We’re excited to release two more speakers to add to our exciting lineup. Andy Cotgreave from Tableau Software, the company helping people visualise and understand their data and Steve Webb, Director at Atlas, the company helping clients create the most effective digital advertising campaigns in the world.

Andy Cotgreave | Tableau

Andy as a Technical Evangelist helps people see and understand their data. He speaks at conferences globally, such as SXSW, Visualized, and Tableau’s own conferences. He writes a column for Computerworld, Living With Data, as well as maintaining his own blog, gravyanecdote.com. He’s also a major contributor to conversations about social media on Twitter (@acotgreave).

Andy is well known as a provocative and original thinker in the field of data visualization. His knowledge of current and historical trends have been an inspiration for many.

Andy has over 10 years experience as a data expert. He joined Tableau in 2011 after working at the University of Oxford as a data analyst.

Steve Webb | Atlas

Steve Webb is the Regional Director for Atlas EMEA team at Atlas, a Facebook company. Atlas extend people-based marketing beyond Facebook so you can reach your audience online no matter where they are. Steve worked for Google for nearly 10 years prior to joining Atlas and had a variety of customer facing, business development roles. Most recently running the global relationship with Google’s largest agency network. Steve has worked in digital media since 2000 and still remembers the relics of the digital world like dial up internet and myspace! A thought leader who has been part of the digital revolution!

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