The boom for online learning, world’s leading app development companies, and US President threatening to close down social media.


We were delighted to hear that our 2019 App of the Year winners, Sugar Rush Creative, have been listed as one of the world’s leading app development companies in the world whilst local company Automated Intelligence are also celebrating 10 years in business.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a boom for online learning with The Open University seeing an increase in interest to it’s online and distance learning model. Whilst many primary and secondary schools are unlikely to return to the classroom until September at the earliest, local universities are suggesting that they will not open until December 2020 and there are universities in England saying they will provide learning 100 % online until the summer of 2021. This unprecedented shift could fundamentally change how universities operate and signal a new dawn in 3rd level education as suggested by the World Economic Forum.
Twitter’s fact checking label made the headlines this week and faced the wrath of probably it’s best known user, Donald Trump. The 45th President of the United States has often taken to Twitter to get his message out or to take aim at his political opponents. But this week, Twitter slammed a fact checking label on 2 tweets from the US President, pointing followers to facts about mail-in ballots. With the upcoming US election, social media companies have been keen to be seen to be influencing or interfering the outcome, as happened on the back of the 2016 election. In retaliation, Donald Trump has vowed to protect free speech and has threatened to shut down the social media giants.

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